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REIGNITE THE FLAME OF LEARNING Children are eager to attend the school.

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AIDS attack the body.
Prejudice attacks the spirit. 

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My journey commenced in 2008 when I encountered a 4-year old HIV positive lonely child in a government hospital, he had lost his mother in the morning. The child had nowhere to go.

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Founder’s Story!

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Mahesh Foundation was started in 2008 for the betterment of medically challenged and underprivileged children. The Foundation is providing shelter, nutrition, healthcare, and education to HIV-positive and underprivileged children. Over the years, the Foundation’s Care Home has directly benefited over 2200.  The Foundation’s Community Support program has impacted the lives of 42000 HIV-infected socially disadvantaged families. Also, raised awareness among more than 3 lakh school and college students. Supported the education of 24000 underprivileged children to date.


Since inception, Mahesh Foundation has zero mortality. One of the only few organizations to recognize as a FIT institution. The Foundation has been reaching thousands beneficiaries every year.

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