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About the Founder  
Mahesh Jadhav
“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
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Mahesh’s journey started in 2008. At that time, he used to study in college. He and his group of friends celebrated their birthdays in hospital with patients and the people in need. Once, on one of his friend’s birthdays, they went to the hospital like always. They especially celebrate in the children’s ward.

There Mahesh met a four-year-old boy named Rupesh while distributing fruits. He generally asks children their names, problems, and how many days were they hospitalized. Similarly, he asked Rupesh as well. His mother was sitting beside him, and she said her son is HIV positive; he has AIDS. Mahesh and his friends were shocked at how this problem could happen to such a young child.

They asked the doctor about how this child got infected with HIV/AIDS, and the doctor said the AIDS could sometimes be transmitted from mother to child. Not only Rupesh, but there were also many more children admitted due to HIV/AIDS in that Hospital. They could not sleep that night thinking about those children dealing with the disease. That time Mahesh and his friends were only 21 years old, and they made up their minds to do something for the children infected with HIV/AIDS. From there Mahesh Foundation started and gave helping hands to HIV/AIDS children.

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The struggle period of six years!

In the beginning, Mahesh and his friends used to help a few children using their pocket money. They used to give them 200 to 300 rupees for travel and also provide food. Even they provide school kits and bags to children going to school. When Mahesh met the child Rupesh in 2008, he only had his mother with him, and in 2010 he lost his mother too and became an orphan. Mahesh, with his friends, tried for the admission of Rupesh in a government orphanage. But, they got a negative answer that the child has AIDS so that he can spread HIV/AIDS to other children living there.

His Team, His Strength!

Mahesh Foundation is a big team of professionals who work for the cause. They have separate teams for schools, hostels and campaigns. They give monthly reports of HIV/AIDS to donors as well about food, study, and livelihood. They share progress reports with donors and keep with themselves too for doing better in the future.

HIV/AIDS Education and further plans!

The people who did not support them at first became donors now. Also, Mahesh has been providing HIV/AIDS education to children from the very start. Also, he and his team give campaigns and sessions in schools and colleges on HIV/AIDS. They offer training and counseling about self first-aid and how to keep themselves and others safe from the spread of HIV.

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Awards & Recognitions
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Vaibhav Phalnikar Memorial Award in 2012
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Asamanya Kannadiga in 2018
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Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018
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