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A special school that teaches the first-generation learners how to learn.

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Who We Are?

Utkarsha in Sanskrit means “pulling upwards, abundance.” The Philosophy of Utkarsha is to teach children how to learn. The future jobs are for students  “who know what to do with what they know” and not just what they know. We at Utkarsh stand by its values and we are committed to providing the best education to the disadvantaged, underprivileged & neglected children of society.

​Utkarsha Learning Center was started in 2018 in Kanabargi, on the outskirts of Belagavi with 101 medically challenged and underprivileged children. The aim of the school is to ensure a stigma and discrimination-free learning environment for these children. We have been providing education free of cost and along with these providing all the facilities such as uniforms, school stationery, mid-day meals and more facilities without charging a single rupee. Currently, the school has an enrolment of 640+ underprivileged children within a span of 4 years.

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Our Mission

Designing high-quality student centric programs that focus on developing well-rounded individuals with love for learning.


Our Vision

To provide a conducive learning environment and a holistic school for medically challenged and underprivileged children. 

We have made an impact !
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Total Children Impacted Presently
Present Children
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For only Rs.6000/- per Year
You can keep a child in school
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Our Challenges

According to the Census 2011, there are 13.7 million slum households across 63% of India’s towns. The residents of these households include migrants, half of them being among the poorest of the poor. Along with this, these people don't have basic facilities such as a safe shelter, clean drinking water, energy and more. For now, it is even more and increasing day by day. Also, there are a lot of migrants are residing in the slums of Belagavi. Most of these children don’t attend school because of a lack of awareness among their parents and communities. Their parents are daily wage workers and work in the field for a whole day. Then these children had to take care of their younger siblings. Also, when the earnings of these families are not sufficient, the children are forced to involve in begging, rag picking and other socially unfair activities.

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Our Solution

The life-cycle approach of development starts with opening the doors of education for slum children, the underprivileged. So, Mahesh Foundation has started Utkarsha Learning Center to provide free education. They are first-generation learners and there is a need of the hour to bring awareness about education in their communities. This is possible when we educate these children. The school ensures quality and skill-based education to first-generation learners of underserved communities. Mahesh Foundation has its own premises and infrastructure facility as well as a good learning environment for 640+ children.

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Infrastructural improvements 

Utkarsha Learning Center is like a learning paradise for children. It is equipped with all the facilities that the children need. Along with formal education, we are providing Skill-Based Education and the premises ensures the infrastructure. Here are the glimpses of infrastructure in the school.


Utkarsha Learning Center classrooms where 640+ children are getting free education. The school has been providing free international grade education ensuring Skills. Our classrooms are well equipped with necessary teaching aids

Mrs. Surekha Dodamani
Principal, Utkarsha School and Learning Center
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Head of the School

At Utkarsha, we are geared up to use the best instructional practices to support the first generation learners. Our teachers work hard towards teaching these children how to learn. Our goal is to ensure that every child is provided with a clean canvas to explore, make mistakes, learn and grow.

Our children need role models. You can support our children by visiting us and interacting with them and help our children to weave a dream.

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Our Teachers

The teachers at Utkarsha are trained to handle the learning needs of first generation learners. They are aware of the emotional baggage and other related issues that the children come with to the school. The teachers focus on learning rather than completing the syllabus. Learning to understand and use it in everyday life is what Utkarsha stands for. Our teachers are ever ready to learn and share their experiences with anyone who has the interest to know more about our methodology.

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Utkarsha Premises Gallery

Download our Premises Gallery

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Our Activity
Annual Day Celebration

The students showcased a diverse array of cultural expressions, including music, dance, and drama and also sent a good message to society.

Republic Day Celebration

The event showcased the talents of the children through cultural performances, highlighting India's rich heritage.

Engaging Games

Recognizing the critical importance of both mental and physical growth during these foundational years.

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Our Impact Stories
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Voices of our Volunteers

"Mahesh Foundation has been my family. A place filled with love, laughter and joy. My volunteering days were the best that I spent there. I thank them for this wonderful opportunity given to me. I learned a lot of things during my volunteering".

Ramni Hangirgekar