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about Mahesh Foundation

About Us

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About Mahesh Foundation

We Believe we can make a difference

Mahesh Foundation came into existence in the year 2008. It is a safe shelter home Ashakiran for HIV-infected children between the age group of 6-18 years. Mahesh Foundation was started when the founder Mahesh Jadhav met a 4-year-old boy in a government hospital in Belagavi. The care home has now sheltered 101 children and reached 2000+ beneficiaries over the years. Ashakiran functions under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJ Act) & the beneficiaries are sanctioned by the Child Welfare Committee.

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Mahesh Foundation's Utkarsha Learning Center provides skill-based quality education to medically challenged, slum and underprivileged children. Adhar Vidya supports thousands of children to pursue their education.

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Care Home

Ashakiran is a ray of hope for HIV-infected children. It ensures a safe and healthy environment for the children's growth and development by providing shelter, nutrition, education and care.


Community support initiative supports the poor and vulnerable members of society and helps them to lead a happy and independent life

Women Empowerment

With intend to support the livelihood of underprivileged women we have established livelihood and training center in 2014 under women empowerment initiative.

Mahesh Foundation kids

Our Mission

To enable medically challenged and underprivileged children to live an independent and dignified life.

Our Vision

To realize a world without the Stigma & Discrimination attached to HIV/AIDS & empowering Children afflicted with this disease.


Our values are Drive, Passion, Integrity, Teamwork & working with Transparency
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Our Strategies

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Mahesh Foundation was established with a motive to enable medically challenged and underprivileged an independent and dignified life.

Mahesh Foundation started when the founder Mahesh Jadhav met a 4-year-old boy in the Government Hospital of Belagavi. Since then benefited over 2000 HIV-positive children and 20000 underprivileged children throughout the Karnataka State.

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Our Team
Managing Committee

Mahesh Foundation leadership collective comprising of Regional and Functional Directors who provide strategic direction to organizational objectives.

Board of Advisory

Mahesh Foundation wisdom collective which shares a firm belief in the value of public trust and holds children’s interests above all else.

Our Team

One of Mahesh Foundation’s biggest strengths is its people, who ensure they strive to fulfill the organization’s mission and vision while upholding its values.

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Awards & Recognitions
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Mahesh jadhav
Vaibhav Phalnikar Memorial Award in 2012
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Mahesh jadhav receiving Asamanya Kannadiga
Asamanya Kannadiga in 2018
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Mahesh jadhav receiving Hemmeya Kannadiga award
Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018
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Media Coverage
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Our Financials

Transparency is one of Mahesh Foundation’s core values. Every single rupee donated is utilized with utmost transparency.
We keep updating our financial statements, on our website.

Each HIV-positive child has the right to live an independent and dignified life.

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