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The best buddy is knowledge. Somebody who is educated is valued everywhere. Knowledge triumphs over youth and attractiveness.
Aadhar Vidya Program
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School Kit Distribution

The Aadhar Vidya Program was established by the Mahesh Foundation in 2012 with the goal of empowering every child through education. Its primary focus is on helping children from disadvantaged and economically poorer areas of society. We offer a school kit that includes a variety of supplies like a school bag, notebooks, pens, pencils, drawing books, crayons, and compass boxes.

Help the children to make big changes
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What is Aadhar Vidya?

Education is without a doubt the most potent force behind societal change. Nonetheless, there is a huge disparity in access to high-quality education in India, which leaves youngsters with a vastly unequal set of opportunities. The kids still have a lot of unmet demands for fundamental learning materials.

The Mahesh Foundation wants to help underprivileged kids become self-sufficient and live honourable lives in the future. More than 7,000 students are currently receiving external funding from the Mahesh Foundation so that they can attend school as part of the community programme.

The Mahesh Foundation also offers children education that is based on skills, including computer education, art, theatre, athletics, and others. Several college students give their time and share their knowledge and talents with the kids.

Our Challenges

Several students in our area are failing to complete their education because their families do not support them in doing so. The public schools offer free education, yet many kids struggle to even afford the supplies they need for school.

As poverty struck hard, parents had little choice but to limit their children's access to school. Those youngsters are disregarded or abandoned by society. These kids don't get any love or respect. Children are burdened with duties in a time when learning and playing should be the priority. In order for children to live honourably, they need assistance adjusting to the competitive environment.

Our Solution

We at the Mahesh Foundation hope that this initiative will help these disadvantaged kids begin their educational journeys. We want to provide the groundwork for independence and empowerment by giving them access to educational resources.

The provision of school supplies will inspire parents and kids to value education. At the end of the day, the fundamental goal is to offer resources that the families of these kids would not otherwise make available. We have helped hundreds of disadvantaged kids continue their education because to your assistance.

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Our Impact

With all of our supporters By this project, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of more than 12,000 kids. Many children who live in slums have completed their education and are either employed by different companies or studying for competitive tests like the civil service.

After providing them with options to support themselves, the kids' parents actually send them to school.


We identify youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds who live in slums or attend public schools. They don't have parental support or privileges. We support these impoverished kids by giving them educational resources, which will enable them to start their educational adventures and create better futures for themselves.

When these stationery kits arrived, the kids were overjoyed. The children in this photo have broad smiles on their faces. Through your help and collaboration, we have reached thousands of kids. We are really grateful to have started this beneficial shift in their life! The sight of youngsters brought tears to my eyes.

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As a child reaches the age of receiving an education, they are sent to work because of poverty and a lack of support for the family. Most families in contemporary culture struggle with this major issue. Such families and students are found by the Mahesh Foundation, which then assists them in continuing their education.

This programme helps low-income kids realise their desire of going to school and achieve their objectives. Several kids have benefited from this programme over the years.

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Our Impact Stories
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Aadhar Vidya Program Team

Leadership is having a compelling vision. Under the
leadership of our visionary founder, our

Aadhar Vidya Program team

has been able to enrich the lives of these needy children

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School Bag, Books and Stationery item etc

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It covers the school essentials that are needed for a child such as a school bag, stationery items and notebooks. Education in government schools is free but the children have to buy their essentials. Hence, we provide these school essentials to those underprivileged children who couldn’t afford them.

The children leave schools for unimaginable reasons like lack of note books, pens,pencils or inability to pay the expenses of stationery. Your contribution would help us to fulfill the school needs of underprivileged children and reduce dropout rates. To the date, we have reached thousands of underprivileged and provided school kits.

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