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Care Home

Mahesh Foundation has been a pioneer in improving the lives of children with medical conditions by giving them a place to live, food to eat, healthcare, and education, in addition to love, care, and emotional support.

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Our Challenges
Thousands of HIV-positive youngsters have lost their parents and been left by their relatives as you read this. Many people live in poor conditions, unloved, and at risk for health. They will additionally experience stigma and prejudice due to their HIV/AIDS status. However, we are also attempting a significant paradigm shift. There are initiatives underway to improve the lives of children who are HIV positive. Even if there may not yet be an AIDS cure, we still have the ability to change the course of these children's lives.
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Our Solution

Children with medical needs who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and are infected are the focus of our Care Home programme. The children of the Mahesh Foundation come from a variety of backgrounds; some are the offspring of sex workers and truck drivers, some are abuse victims, and still others have been left behind by their relatives. At our care home, we try to improve the general health, mental development and well-being of our children. Children enrolling in our care home receive all-encompassing care from us.

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What we do at our Home?
Children Health & Education
Over The Counter & Wellness Brands
Food & Nutrition
For the past 15 years, we have worked to improve the lives of society's most underserved HIV-positive children. Over the years, we have reached more than 2200 HIV affected children to assist their education, healthcare, and other fundamental requirements that help them create a bright future. In our nursing home, we have been offering dietary guidance, medical care, and instruction. Our nursing home is situated in Belagavi, Karnataka's Kanabargi neighbourhood. Many of the youngsters who enrolled in our care facility are now leading active, independent lives.
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  • As advised by the doctors, we make sure they are eating properly.

  • We serve three nutritious meals a day that contain the essential proteins, vitamins, etc.

  • To strengthen their immune system, nutritional supplements will be given.

  • We keep an ongoing vigil over their dietary intake.

  • The menu plan for a given month is created by the kids themselves.

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Health Care Facilities
Mahesh Foundation is empowering and enriching the lives of medically challenged and underprivileged children. ” Care Home, Nutrition, Healthcare and Education”
Healthcare services
We regularly monitor the health condition of the children. Providing ART and other required medicines and also nutritional supplements for their strong immunity system.
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Education and Moral Support
Education begins with the moment when we see children as immensely wise and capable beings. By offering free international grade education based on skill development, the Mahesh Foundation-run Utkarsha Learning Center has worked to empower poor children since its establishment.
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Benefited Children's
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Our Impact

Doctors had previously given up on saving the first resident at the care facility, who was counting down the days. However, the infant recovered as a result of the correct attention and love. A lot of children who were in this situation are now leading healthy lives.

The majority of the kids have finished school or their training in a particular field. A large number of young people are either preparing for competitive tests or trying to live honourably. as of today. More than 2200 children with HIV have been affected by the care home.

How are we making a difference?

Providing information about available treatments, assuring access to care, and enhancing the wellbeing of persons living with HIV/AIDS


With focused programming, education, and awareness efforts, HIV transmission can be stopped.


By developing occupational skills, facilitating access to income-generating possibilities, and social welfare programs, we empower disadvantaged children.

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We have showcased four impact stories that has changed the lives. There are over 100 stories similar to this. We thank our donors and partners. 


Even after facing many challenges, Srushti is living happily in our care home. She aspires to be a teacher.


Rajesh is happily living in the care home. He loves playing cricket. He aspires to be an engineer.


Despite the challenges, she is strong and fit. She aims to be a Bank Manager.

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