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Our Impact

A direct positive change in the lives of Underprivileged Children & Communities

We have showcased four impact stories that has changed the lives. There are over 100 stories similar to this. We thank our donors and partners. 

Care Home

Ashakiran has been working for the past 14 years to empower society’s most neglected HIV infected children and changed their life by providing a dignified and quality life. 


These children need special care and support. As a result of proper nutrition and healthcare facilities in the care home children's health recovers rapidly and they start living a healthy life. Along with healthy life, children need educational facilities and other support, we provide quality education & other skill based training to the children to make them independent and self-sustained


Even after facing many challenges, Srushti is living happily in our care home. She aspires to be a teacher.


Rajesh is living in the care home. He loves playing cricket. He aspires to be an engineer.


Despite the challenges, she is strong and fit. She aims to be a Bank Manager.

Vaibhav Ashtekar (2).JPG

Vaibhav is an inspiration for all Ashakiran children. We are happy that he has become self-sustained in his life and in turn he has got the ability to help others.

Community Development

Lack of support and poor economic background affects the lives of many individuals. Our community program works for the social upliftment of poor communities and helps them become self-sustained. With all moral support, the condition of these poor families is improved and they are leading a happy life. Our support has strengthened the infrastructure and education quality in the govt schools which helps in attracting children to govt schools.


The Foundation incentivised families with housing who sent their children to school

School Adoption

Our support has strengthened the infrastructure and education quality in the govt schools which helps in attracting children to govt schools


Renovated the house of this needy women. Also, ensured to support the education of her children


Empowered the needy weavers by providing a suitable platform


Getting a quality education is a dream of every child but poverty doesn’t allow them to access it. Through our Education support initiative, we have supported the children belonging to the poor community and helped them to get quality education which is highly essential for their bright future.


Rabiya, who was deprived of education, is now continuing her education with the help of Mahesh Foundation.


Ganesh is an inspiration for other children. He is currently preparing for Indian Administrative Services (IAS) exams. 


Anjali looked after her two younger siblings, studied under solar lighting and stood first in grade 12. 


Yasin, who was deprived of education, is now continuing his education with the help of Mahesh Foundation.

Women Empowerment

 Healthcare is so expensive and it is inaccessible to the poor. Through our health support initiative, we have supported the needy to access healthcare facilities and helped them to fight against the disease.


A grocery and stationery store has been opened and this helps her to earn a livelihood.

sewing machines

Mahesh Foundation distributed sewing machines to needy women and helped them to become self-sustain


An endaviour to save the lives

Supriya Paranjape.jpeg
Mrs. Supriya Paranjape

We extended our helping hands and supported medical expenses of strugling women

4 (1).jpg

Mahesh Foundation supports the needy family to meet medical expenses of their daughter

Families Supported
Women Trained
Education Support
Completed Grade 12
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Awards & Recognitions
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Vaibhav Phalnikar Memorial Award in 2012
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Asamanya Kannadiga.jpg
Asamanya Kannadiga in 2018
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Hemmeya Kannadiga 2018
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Media Coverage
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