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New School and Skill Center
a bright future
for underprivileged
Mahesh Foundation's Proposed
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Our Challenges

There are a lot of such families in Belagavi slums and the children of most of these parents don’t attend school because of a lack of awareness among their parents and communities. Their parents are daily wage workers, when the earnings of these families are not sufficient, the children are forced to involve in begging, rag picking, child labor and other activities.


In Belagavi most of the Families are mainly dependent on farming and daily wages. Literacy rate is poor and it is difficult for them to do any skill work as they are not trained for such work in the area. The Girls in these families mostly dropped out after 8Th & 10Th std. They are not encouraged by their family to move further with their studies. Mahesh Foundation supports such women and girls with skill education.


But, currently, we have limited space to run a school and this community support program. The present capacity is capable of providing education up to 5th standard and a limited number of people to provide with Skill Based education.

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Our Partners

Mahesh Foundation's proposed School and Skill Center Building has been a dream project of Mahesh Foundation that enables underprivileged children to get free and quality education up to 10 std and also helps underprivileged girls and women to get much-needed skills to become self-sustained in life.


This ambitious initiative has been supported by some of the partners under CSR initiatives. Praxair India Pvt. Ltd. (A Linde Plc.) and India Shelter Finance Corporation (IFSC) supported one floor in the school section and skill center each. Itron India and SFS Group supported Mahesh Foundation in the construction of one classroom.

Linde Plc supported Ground floor of School and Skill Center Building.
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Itron India supported one classroom dedicated to Utkarsha school.
India Shelter Finance Corporation supported third floor dedicated to Skill Center.
Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL) supported Mahesh Foundation for the construction of a new classroom.
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SFS Group has supported the construction of one classroom.
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SBI Funds Management supported the construction of one floor of our New School and Skill Center Building.
Vayavya Labs supported us for the construction of a new classroom.
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Our Solution

A composite building for extended classrooms and a Skills center would help thousands of students and underprivileged women. So, we have decided to build a separate facility which will have 6 floors as the first three floors will be dedicated to the classrooms. There are currently 640 medically challenged and underprivileged children are getting the benefits of free education up to 5th standard and we seek further expansion of classrooms up to 10th standard and also we aim to provide free education to 900+ children by the year 2025.


The remaining three floors will ensure skill-based training to 10th dropout girls and underprivileged women. This initiative enhances income generation opportunities for sustainable livelihood for disadvantaged adolescent girls and women through Tailoring, Computer class, Art and Craft and other skills. The new Skill Center intends to provide skills to 2000 such women and girls that help them to match the local industries' requirements and get employment opportunities.

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Expected Impact
More than 900 Underprivileged children will get free and quality education in the coming years.
It would ensure the continuation of education for existing children.
Child labor, begging, rag picking and all forms of unfair activities are eliminated.
Inspire other children in the community to enroll in the school and get education.
1100+ poor adolescent girls and women would be trained and would be engaged in income generation activities.
Thousands of economically and socially disadvantaged families would benefit from the Skilled people.
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Construction Progress
Successfully finished constructing four floors of the building

The column installation on the fourth floor has been completed and currently working on the slab work completion. This phase represents the continuation of our steadfast progress to ensure a premises that benefits thousands of needy.

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Building Structure
Join your hands to nurture the future of children
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