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About Air Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Water Inc, Japan. Air Water India is engaged in the manufacturing, storing, distributing, transporting, trading, selling, purchasing and leasing of various gases like oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium. They own and operate two large air separation units coupled with multiple filling stations across the eastern and southern parts of India.

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Voices of our supporters
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Athiqur Rahaman
General Manager, AWIPL

Mahesh Foundation is a source of inspiration. We are proud to associate with Mahesh Foundation and happy to support New Classroom construction that will benefit underprivileged children.

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Nekarikanta Srinivasa Rao
Process Manager, AWIPL

I am happy to see Mahesh Foundation. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to become a part of this momentous occasion of classroom inauguration.

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Kailash S.
Associate Manager of Safety, AWIPL

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share CSR activity. It’s privilege to support this initiative. Now, they may be underprivileged but in a few days, they will be honored, and privileged. 

Air Water India Pvt. Ltd. with Mahesh Foundation

Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL) joined hands with Mahesh Foundation in the year 2023.

New Classroom Construction
Our Challenge

The children from vulnerable communities often lack proper support and facilities both at home and in school. To address this, the Mahesh Foundation established the Utkarsha Learning Center, where they provide free skill-based education to bring these children into the mainstream of society. Currently, the school goes up to the 5th standard, but they have plans to extend it up to the 10th standard. However, limited space was a challenge, which is why they needed to construct a new building as an extension of their existing school.


In response to this challenge, Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL) stepped forward to support the Mahesh Foundation's cause by funding the construction of a new classroom. Through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, Itron, in collaboration with AWIPL, supported the Mahesh Foundation in building this classroom. The addition of this new classroom will enable the school to accommodate more than 500 children and offer them a high-quality education. As a result, hundreds of underprivileged children from poor backgrounds will have the opportunity to pursue higher education.


In 2023, Air Water India Private Limited (AWIPL) and the Mahesh Foundation joined hands to work together towards a common goal of providing better education and opportunities to underprivileged children in the community. Their partnership aims to make a positive impact on the lives of these children and help them build a brighter future.

The Solution
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We need your support to help us in ending the stigma of discrimination towards those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

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