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India Shelter Finance Corporation is an affordable housing company with 150+ branches operating across 16 states in India, offering affordable housing and small ticket loans against property. The product offered by India Shelter is a great tool for financial inclusion and women empowerment.


India Shelter has been at the forefront of helping first-generation semi-urban families get access to housing credit. The company has worked through years to set up a hassle-free loan management process that is effortless, uncomplicated, and serves the middle and lower segment. India Shelter has been fulfilling the biggest dream of an average earning Indian citizen to have her own house and helped over 60,000 families own, extend, or improve their homes.

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Anil Mehta
Founder & Chairman,
India Shelter

We have been working with many organizations but Mahesh Foundation is one of the best organizations that we have ever seen.

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Rupinder Singh
India Shelter

I am happy to see these people and the impact they have been creating in the lives of needy people. As a corporate, it gives a lot of confidence to us.

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Our Challenge

Women face discrimination in the world and there is disparity in the many aspects especially in education. Millions of women struggle to survive because of poverty and less or no support from their families. They are forced to take up the harmful activities such as begging, theft. To bring these women to the mainstream society, Mahesh Foundation started a Livelihood Program for women in 2014. This has been benefiting many underprivileged women but didn't have a dedicated premises for this activity.

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The Solution

Strengthening women’s access to earn their livelihood and help them to come to the mainstream society, we have set up a Livelihood Center for the HIV-positive, underprivileged and slum dwellers women. This livelihood center will help them to get tailoring training and to become self-reliant. The reputed organization India Shelter Finance Corporation has joined hands with Mahesh Foundation under the CSR initiative supporting the construction of the floor dedicated to the Livelihood and Training Center for Underprivileged women. This initiative will benefit hundreds of underprivileged women.


This life skill center provides long term solutions for the  underprivileged children and women.

Self Reliance

With new mode of learning the children were able to expose themselves to learn new skills.


The Children were now provided access to technology, to cope with the modern era.

Download the CSR Project Report
CSR Report of India Shelter Finance Corporation Limited. in PDF Format
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Our Challenge
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We need your support to help us in ending the stigma of discrimination towards those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

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