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Aadhar Mahila Udyog

Our vision of making underprivileged women self-sustain. 

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What is Aadhar Mahila Udyog?

To strengthen and support slum dwellers and needy women we established the Aadhar Mahila Udyog livelihood program in 2014. This program provides a platform for such women to earn their livelihoods to support their families and their children get the best quality education in Utkasrha School.

They manufacture varieties of bags and the revenue earned from selling those bags are utilized to support their families and some part is used to support underprivileged children. Over the years thousands of underprivileged women were getting benefitted from this initiative.

Under the Aadhar Mahila Udyog program, Mahesh Foundation trains women to make schoolbags and other income-generating activities. For their livelihood to be sustained, the need was not only for training but also for long-term on-the-job experience. We found bag stitching is the way we can choose to support these women and decided to train them to manufacture bags and earn a livelihood.


Economically disadvantaged people face many challenges throughout their lives, including discrimination, a lack of opportunities, and ignorance. This makes the families stay away from getting education, proper healthcare facilities and other facilities. Illiteracy and unemployment hit the family so badly that they will be unable to earn their daily bread and remain away from the mainstream of society. They need a helping hand to tackle these challenges.

Our Challenges
Our Solution

Mahesh Foundation identifies such women and provides bag stitching training under the Aadhar Mahila Udyoga Livelihood Program. This program has been supporting thousands of underprivileged slum dweller women and helping them to overcome all challenges and to earn their livelihood.


Mahesh Foundation has been imprinting the lives of many individuals through various programs, Through Aadhar Mahila Udyog we have empowered the rural “Mahila” (women) by teaching them to stitch, we have provided the sewing machines and now their products are more sought after by local companies, many local factories, institutes, organizations and Corporate companies, Aadhar mahila Udyog (AMU) which was once just a vision has now become a brand, manufacturing Uniforms, Bags and Custom Cases.

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Our Impact
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