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About SMC Medical Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 1988, SMC Ltd. was built on a vision to provide high quality manufacturing services faster than industry options of the day. This core value of speed-to-market is what has grown SMC into a globally recognized contract manufacturer. This baseline of tooling and molding set the direction of providing single-use and single-patient finished devices across the Medical, Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical markets that SMC serves today.

School Desks and Smart Board for underprivileged children

SMC Medical Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. supported Mahesh Foundation with School Desks & Smart Board for underprivileged children studying at Utkarsha.

SMC Medical Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. with Mahesh Foundation

SMC Ltd. joined hands with Mahesh Foundation in 2023

School Desks and Smart Board for underprivileged children
Our Challenge

In 2018, Mahesh Foundation started a school with classes up to the 5th standard. As more children joined, we expanded the school to include classes up to the 8th standard. Our goal is to provide free and high-quality education to underprivileged children, and we currently have 640 students enrolled. We've made sure to have enough space for classrooms, and in addition to education, we provide three meals a day, transportation, computer labs, and smart devices like tablets. However, we faced a challenge as the number of students grew, and there was a shortage of desks and smart boards to accommodate them in each classroom, including the extended classes.


Thanks to the CSR initiative, SMC Medical Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. partnered with Mahesh Foundation to acquire school desks. These desks have been instrumental in providing seating for 50 underprivileged children, allowing us to create a conducive learning environment with individual spaces for each child. The addition of school desks has significantly improved the comfort and learning experiences of these children. Additionally, the support extended to us includes a smartboard, which plays a crucial role in bridging the digital literacy gap and enhancing the overall teaching and learning experiences at the school.

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We need your support to help us in ending the stigma of discrimination towards those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

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