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About Ramboll India Pvt Ltd.

Ramboll India Pvt Ltd. is one of the prominent companies in clients' value chains, leveraging our expertise, innovation and creativity to address the risks and opportunities that follow from sustainable change. Ramboll delivers standalone and multidisciplinary solutions across Buildings, Transport, Energy, Environment & Health, Water, Management Consulting and Architecture & Landscape. Ramboll is a member of the UN Global Compact, and our business contributes significantly to progress the Sustainable Development Goals.

Construction of New Classroom

Ramboll India extended support to Mahesh Foundation for the construction of a new classroom.

New Computer setup facility for children

Ramboll supported Mahesh Foundation with new computer facilities.

Joined hands with Mahesh Foundation

In 2022 Ramboll took the initiative to support Mahesh Foundation.

New Smart Board for Utkarsha
Our Challenge

The Mahesh Foundation prefers skill-based and digital education to the first-generation learners studying in Utkarsha. But was facing challenges in procuring technological infrastructure, including smart boards and related equipment, due to support. Technology would help them to explore and learn as well as visual stimuli would enhance their learning. So, we were in need of a Smart and interactive Board.


Ramboll's partnership provides the Mahesh Foundation with the necessary financial backing to acquire and maintain the smart boards, ensuring a consistent and effective learning environment. Conducting regular training sessions for teachers and students on how to use and maximize the potential of the smart boards can bridge the digital literacy gap and enhance their teaching and learning experiences. By addressing these challenges through strategic solutions, the initiative can ensure that underprivileged students at Utkarsha School reap the maximum benefits from the incorporation of smart boards into their education.

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