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Our Challenge

Most of the government school girls don’t get any proper computer education at their secondary level because education is limited to textbooks, as there are computer subjects in their course outline but lack computer labs or updated computer systems on their schools’ premises. After completion of their secondary school education, they have no knowledge and skills which will allow them to use a computer with some proficiency. Also, most of the girls’ education in the area we are working in is limited to secondary education. Mahesh Foundation has endeavoured to provide computer education to enable these girls to get exposure and access to a computer courses.

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The Solution

Ramboll India Pvt Ltd. has joined hands with Mahesh Foundation. The organization has sponsored 15 computers for the setup of computer lab. Beneficiaries of the proposed Computer lab are HIV-infected girl children who sheltered at Mahesh Foundation’s care home. These children are orphans and have nowhere to go. Also, underprivileged children who completed their secondary education and remained unskilled as well as unemployed. Approximately 200 girl children shall be directly benefit from this project.

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New Computer setup facility for children

Ramboll supported Mahesh Foundation with new computer facilities.

Joined hands with Mahesh Foundation

In 2022 Ramboll took the initiative to support Mahesh Foundation.

Let's Stand Together
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We need your support to help us in ending the stigma of discrimination towards those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

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