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New India Assurance Guest 1.png
Prakash M Rewankar
Deputy General Manager, NIA

We have never known that this organization has done amazing work and supporting underprivileged children's education. We are happy to associate with Mahesh Foundation.

New India Assurance Guest 2.png
R. Suresh Babu
Regional Manager, NIA

I congratulate Mahesh Foundation for giving the opportunity to New India Assurance company to work in this region and NIA is there to help the needy.

New India Assurance Guest 3.png
Suresh Kumar B. S.
Senior Divisional Manager, NIA

When we stepped into Mahesh Foundation our opinion changed, Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this noble cause. I wish Mahesh Foundation's service extends to more places.

Our Challenges

Since the establishment of the Utkarsha Learning Center, we have been providing skill-based education to underprivileged children of nearby slum areas and providing a strong base for their future. These children used to travel a long distance by walking to reach the school. They all were small kids and it is very difficult and risky for them to travel such a long distance even with the traffic. Initially, we provided a small transportation facility for them but after the increase in the number of students, it was very difficult to manage and bring the students to the school at the right time.

Our Solution

Under the CSR initiative, New India Assurance supported a school bus for the commute of these children. Now, all children are coming to school at the right time. Their support has made us to provide safe transportation facility for children. With the support of New India Assurance, we ensure a safe mode of transportation for hundreds of underprivileged slum children studying in our Utkarsha Learning Center.

Association with Mahesh Foundation

New India Assurance Company Limited is the first government institute that came forward to support us.

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We need your support to help us in ending the stigma of discrimination towards those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

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