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Voices of our supporters
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Venkatesh BK
Head of Operations - South India, ICICI Foundation

Mahesh Foundation’s work for HIV-positive and underprivileged children has been commendable. We are happy to associate and work with Mahesh Foundation. Through the CSR initiative, Mahesh Foundation has given us an opportunity.

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Abdulajeej Nadaf
Regional Head - ICICI BANK

Really a wonderful organization, We are pleased to associate with Mahesh Foundation. This association is a good opportunity for us to help the needy. We hope these all facilities provided to the children will benefit them and helps them to become good citizen in society.

Association with Mahesh Foundation

In the year 2022 ICICI Foundation joined hands with Mahesh Foundation.

School Bus Support
Our Challenge

There are many slums in Belagavi where they lack privileges and especially in the case of children, they don’t get enough support from their parents to get an education. Poverty emerged as the most frequent theme in educating these slum children. To bring these children to mainstream society and make them literate, we started Utkarsha Learning Center in 2018. The school has been providing free skill-based education to more than 640 slum children. But the challenge was the children had to travel a long distance to reach the school. As most of the children are under the age of 12, it is not safe for them to travel such a long distance even with the traffic. We have two school vans that can pick up fewer children. Hence, multiple rounds are conducted to pick up all the children. Each van was making a minimum of 4 rounds to carry all the children which led to delays in attending school. Also, some children were remaining absent from school due to delay in transportation.


Under the CSR initiative, ICICI Foundation supported us with a bigger school bus for the commute of these children. These children used to walk 4 kms to reach the school but that problem was solved with the help of the ICICI Foundation. Because of their support, we have provided a safe transportation facility for them. Also, this led to reducing in the dropout rate of these children. With the support ICICI Foundation, we ensure a safe mode of transportation for 220+ underprivileged slum children studying in our Utkarsha Learning Center. Also, this is benefiting many poor students who can't afford transportation.

The Solution
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We need your support to help us in ending the stigma of discrimination towards those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

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