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Encouraging professionals to contribute to Society:
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Employee Giving

The Employee Giving program encourages giving back to society among the employees of corporates and inculcates philanthropic activities for companies, employees, and NGOs which compliments the goal of supporting local community initiatives. Also, benefits NGOs to expand their reach to more beneficiaries.


Employee Giving is a unique and valuable way to encourage a giving culture among employees. This motivates them to contribute a part of their earnings to promote social welfare activities. The Employee Giving program enables employees to make a contribution of as little as possible and helps organizations like Mahesh Foundation to ensure supporting more children belonging to underserved communities.

What make us one of the best platforms for workplace giving
Single Sign On

Give your employees a seamless experience by integrating your single sign-on (SSO)

Customizable Platform

Choose from 10 different programs to pick causes that resonate with your organization and create a giving platform that is truly yours

Payroll Integration

Allow your people to set up direct donations from their payroll at no extra cost

Integrated Marketing Tools

Talk to your audience your way empowered by our tools that let you create customized email marketing campaigns

Real-time Reporting

Use our intuitive dashboard to keep track of how your program is performing. Use the metrics that matter to take your program to the next level

Best In Class Support

We are there every step of the way, from helping you figure out the best strategy for your workplace giving to addressing any queries your employees might have

Secure Payments

All payments through the platform are end-to-end encrypted and secure

Matching Gifts

Show your employees you support

things that matter to them by matching their donations on the platform

Disaster Response Campaigns

Quickly bring together your organization to provide much-needed aid in areas where disaster strikes

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Voices of Our Partners
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What you get
Customized Employee Giving Program

From pledges to progress, Mahesh Foundation remains steadfast in our mission and commitment to medically challenged and underprivileged children. In this journey, Mahesh Foundation has been backed by many corporates. Mahesh Foundation was also involved in various employee giving initiatives. We have 10+ programs to support medically challenged and underprivileged children. Employees can manage every aspect of their giving by supporting any of our programs. It is easy and quick for an employee to sign-up for the employee giving program.

Get in touch to start your customized employee giving program
Your employees know exactly where their donation go

Transparency is one of the core values of Mahesh Foundation. A single rupee that every employee contributes under Workplace Giving Program is properly utilized for the same cause they have donated. The employee will receive updates of the progress of our programs and activities. 

We ensure the donors that the contribution has reached the targeted beneficiaries. We work as a bridge between the supporters and beneficiaries and work on the ground level to reach the benefits. We have been supporting thousands of such beneficiaries till date.

Get in touch to start your customized giving program
Employee Engagement Campaigns

Promote giving as a culture in your organization and build a community that increases employee engagement with our customized online and offline campaigns. Our dedicated team will work with you to craft and execute campaigns that will encourage employee participation and bonding within your workplace.

We help you create communication material like standees, posters, e-mails, and more, to strengthen the culture of employee giving in your organization.

Well designed campaigns are the key to effectively promoting your employee giving program.

Work with us to design creative employee giving campaigns.
Robust reporting features

With our robust reporting features, you can view, analyze, manage and create customized reports to understand the giving behavior of your employees. Armed with this information, you can create campaigns and giving programs that are relevant to your employees and increase employee engagement.

The best employee giving programs are the ones where the organization drives the giving.

Contact us today to see the power of analytics and reporting that we bring to your giving program.
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