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Our Challenge

To provide a quality and digitalized education to the children of Mahesh Foundation orphanage and school Utkarsha Learning Center, there was a lack of resources and computers with advanced technology. As an NGO Mahesh Foundation could not afford that much of funds itself to purchase the computers and other equipment that needed to start the digital labs. The children who study in the government schools have access to limited resources that are not sufficient, there are 3-4 computers for 100 children that are too with an obsolete and outdated system.
There are around 100 kids that learn in the school and residing in the orphanage, at least 50 computers were needed to give them computer education. Hence, Mahesh Foundation approached the Gruh finance Ltd. to sponsor the computers under the corporate social responsibility initiative.

The Gruh Finance team responded immediately and paid a visit to the Mahesh Foundation. Gruh Finance CSR team had sponsored the needed 50 computers. Mahesh Foundation soon established 2 computer labs, appointed 2 teachers, and started to engage the children in computer classes.

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The Solution

We conduct classes and teach them basic computer concepts such as operations, computer languages, Microsoft Office, Internet, and many other things. We have a well furnished plan, schedule, and syllabus.

Mahesh Foundation planned to extend the classes to the students of government schools nearby locality. These children also lack this type of education in government schools. Through this initiative, Mahesh Foundation has provided computer education to more than 200 children and regularly examined the progress of the children.


The Children were exposed to technology where they could access and grow more knowledge.


With new mode of learning the children were able to expose themselves to learn new skills.

Embracing Technology

The Children were now provided access to technology, to cope with the modern era.


The students were taught Email drafting, Social media surfing like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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Gruh Finance with Mahesh Foundation

In 2019 Gruh Finance Limited came forward to associate with Mahesh Foundation.

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