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Mahesh Foundation's 100 Bed Charitable Hospital
Higher standards of care every day

Nowadays poor people are unable to afford healthcare. The conditions have
worsened after the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. In severe cases, these
underprivileged people should go to private hospitals but private hospitals are
expensive these days and this will create a burden on the poor people

solution 14.jpg

Here is the site in Kanabargi, Belagavi where Mahesh Foundation is building 100-bed
Charitable Hospital and aspires to help the underprivileged people of the society to
avail quality health services free of cost.


This intervention will also be an attempt to satisfy the concern of better health care to
rural people who lack facilities in Primary Health Center. This proposed charitable
hospital is expected to be completed and ready for operations within a year.


The Charitable Hospital will be built up in a total area of 41000 sq. ft. with the necessary infrastructure. The modern way of treatment using the latest technology and medical equipment.


The hospital will help the underprivileged people residing in rural areas get free
quality health care facilities. It will have 100 beds and that could benefit the needy
people who struggle to afford health care in private hospitals.


Currently, the retaining wall construction has been completed. Soon, we will start the
construction of the hospital and we intend to complete it at the earliest to make it
available to serve the needy people.

MF Hospital 13.jpg

The 100-Bed Charitable Hospital is a dream project of Mahesh Foundation. The
hospital was designed by the famous architect Mr. Alok Shetty and Bhumiputra Team.
Here are the external 3D renders.

It is expected that every month it will serve around 300-400 needy people and around 2000-3000 patients every year. As there are possibilities of COVID-19 waves in the coming days, the hospital will also serve such patients in times of crisis. The hospital will have world class facilities with IP & OPD facilities Diagnostic unit and more to render its services to the needy.


The hospital will provide the ambulance services to the poor people residing in the nearby rural areas. This proposed charitable hospital is expected to be completed and ready for operations within a year.

Quality healthcare to those in need
The hospital will have the below facilities
OPD Wards/Rooms
IPD Wards
Daignostic Unit
Blood Bank
dinning hall for attenders
Registration Counters
Doctor Rooms
OPD Wards/Rooms
Other Facilities of Hospital
Join your hands to nurture the future of children
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