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Yuvaprayatna Health Foundation
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Who We are?

Education is without a doubt the most potent force behind societal change. Nonetheless, there is a huge disparity in access to high-quality education in India, which leaves youngsters with a vastly unequal set of opportunities. The kids still have a lot of unmet demands for fundamental learning materials.


The Yuvaprayatna health foundation wants to help underprivileged kids become self-sufficient and live honorable lives in the future. More than 7,000 students are currently receiving external funding from the Yuvaprayatna health foundation so that they can attend school as part of the community programme.

The Yuvaprayatna health foundation also offers children education that is based on skills, including computer education, art, theatre, athletics, and others. Several college students give their time and share their knowledge and talents with the kids.

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