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Blood Donation Is a small act of kindness that does great and big wonders


Mahesh Foundation's MyBlood Charitable Blood Bank is established with the aim to improve the supply of blood by connecting the donors and the receivers. This blood bank ensures a healthy blood supply to the medically challenged especially HIV infected children. Also provides the required blood and its components to the needy at free of cost.

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About MyBlood
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A Life saving step by Mahesh Foundation

The utilization of blood is increasingly becoming an important and indispensable component of clinical care. Especially after the hit of COVID-19. To solve the issue related to the availability of blood and blood components Mahesh Foundation has taken the initiative to establish MyBlood Charitable Blood Bank in Kanabargi, Belagavi.

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Why MyBlood

In times of emergencies, the patients needed a quick response for their blood requests. There are a lot of instances where patients die due to the non-availability of blood at the right time. In some cases, there may be wastage of blood and blood components due to improper manner of storing. MyBlood Charitable Blood Bank has been established for the proper utilization and supply of donated blood and to bridge the gap between donor and receiver.


Blood Donation Is a small act of kindness that does great and big wonders

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