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Miracle Foundation has trained our team to become one of the prime Child Care Institutes in India.
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About Miracle Foundation

Miracle Foundation India is an international nonprofit for children, headquartered in New Delhi, India with offices in Pune (Maharashtra), Ranchi (Jharkhand), Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Patna (Bihar), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), Austin (Texas), and New York City. The organization believes in collaboration as this work is bigger than any one organization. They are part of a global network of nonprofit organizations leading the worldwide movement to end the need for orphanages/ childcare institutions (CCIs) in their lifetime. After years of on-the-ground experience and careful analysis, they turned their expertise from childcare institutions to families and led a global movement to bring children home whenever possible.

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Our Challenges

One of the neglected communities of society is HIV-positive people. These people are excluded from regular society because of the stigma and discrimination attached to HIV/AIDS. There are 2.4 million people living with HIV in India and around 3 lakh children are suffering from this disease. All they need is love, care and moral support so Mahesh Foundation was started in 2008 to bring these children and people to mainstream society. Mahesh Foundation's care home Ashakiran has supported 2200+ children over the years. But when we started to work, there was a need of expertise and financial support for which Mahesh Foundation was looking for.

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Our Solution

In 2014, Miracle Foundation joined hands with Mahesh Foundation to bridge this gap. The organization is internationally recognized and has been supporting grassroots NGOs in capacity building, expertise and extending financial support. So, it has been doing with Mahesh Foundation for the past 10 years. Miracle Foundation has trained our team to become one of the prime Child Care Institutes in India. Miracle Foundation's support not only helped us to become a prominent organization in Child Care but also made us expert in training other organizations in Child Care.

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