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Separate Girls Care Home
Our Challenge

The Child Welfare Department has directed all the Child Care Institutions in India to maintain separate premises for boys and girls and this made us build new premises. As the children are orphans and abandoned by their relatives, it will be difficult for them to lead their life. We have decided to build a separate facility for girls beside our existing premises. We had land but the construction of the building requires lakhs of rupees which was beyond the ability of Mahesh Foundation.

The Solution

Linde plc has sponsored the construction of one of the five floors of separate girls care home. Currently benefiting 30+ medically challenged girl children with all the facilities they need. Also, it would benefit 100+ children in the coming days. There is a lack of hostels for girls and especially for HIV-infected girls. There will be overall development of the girl children taking into account the mental, physical, and social growth

Partners Since
Childrens Benefited
Cost Of The Project
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