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North Karnataka Flood
Our Challenge

In 2019, the North Karnataka region has seen one of the deadliest floods in its history. Due to heavy rainfall in the Monsoon season, severe flood affected the region damaging life in rural areas. Thousands of people lost their houses and things. Especially the children’s education was stopped because they lost their things in the flood. Many people including children were suffering from viral infection and contagious diseases. Mahesh Foundation took the initiative of the Flood Relief Campaign, but there was a need for supporters for this.

The Solution

Linde Plc (Praxair India) joined hands with Mahesh Foundation in the Relief campaign of Flood-hit the North Karnataka region in 2019. Linde Plc (Praxair India) and Mahesh Foundation visited flood-hit villages and distributed school kits. Hundreds of underprivileged children benefitted from this. Also, organized health camps in the flood-affected areas for the welfare of the people.

Partners Since
Childrens Benefited
Cost Of The Project
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