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Raphael Storning
Director of Indo-Schottle

“It's an honor to associate with Mahesh Foundation for the welfare of needy children and happy to share their progress over the years. ”

Volker Dostmann

“We are happy to associate with Mahesh Foundation. I am happy to see their activities and appreciate their efforts.”

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Child Sponsorship
Our Challenge

Mahesh Foundation works for HIV-infected children. These children are infected with HIV/AIDS through their parents by birth. Children are brought into families where the situation is such that either their parents are ill or they are single parents or orphans. Mahesh Foundation started for these HIV-infected and affected children with the principle of reducing the children’s vulnerability to infection, and for protecting children from discrimination. But taking care of these children is a challenging task as they need special care.

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The Solution

Indo-Schottle Auto Parts Pvt Ltd joined hands with Mahesh Foundation in 2015. The first endeavor they supported was sponsoring children sheltered at Mahesh Foundation’s care home. They supported the livelihood of the multiple children for a whole year. This has enabled us to work on the overall development of medically challenged children.

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Setup of Mini Science Lab
Our Challenge

 It is imperative for schools to have the latest and high-quality science lab supplies these days. Science is different from any other subject. In order to understand its concepts, one has to look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching. As the children with whom we are working belong to marginalized communities and are first-generation learners, they need a lot of visual and experiment-based learning. So, Mahesh Foundation decided to set up a Mini Science lab at Mahesh Foundation’s Utkarsha Learning Center.

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The Solution

Indo-Schottle Auto Parts Pvt Ltd. has supported Mahesh Foundation’s ambition to provide a Mini Science lab for underprivileged children studying in our Utkarsha Learning Center. The lab is equipped with more than 250 experimental objects and every day hundreds of children are benefiting from the Mini Science Lab. Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly and they get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own.

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Construction of classrooms
Our Challenge

The Right to Education in India guarantees free and compulsory education for the children. However, for a variety of reasons many children lack access to education and drop out of school. This phenomenon is even more pronounced especially for slum children. Hence, Mahesh Foundation intended to start a school “Utkarsha Learning Center” for such underprivileged slum children to provide them free education with an innovative education system. But, to find a building to run the school was a big challenge in front of us. To start school in rented premises is also a bigger challenge. Mahesh Foundation already had space but then, to afford the construction of classrooms was beyond the ability.

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The Solution

Mahesh Foundation approached the Indo-Schottle Pvt. Ltd. for support to cope with the challenge. The Indo-Schottle Pvt. Ltd. is a company that manufactures auto parts. Mahesh Foundation received the necessary support and cooperation from the Indo-Schottle team. As a part of the CSR initiative, the Indo-Schottle team assured support for the construction of two classrooms. After years of efforts finally, the construction of classrooms completed in the year 2018 and the school opened its gates in the same year to inclusive education to bring a sustainable change in the education system. The classrooms are well-built to provide all the facilities that the children needed and create a learning environment. In the Utkarsha Learning Center, a total of 50 slum children enrolled within a year. The classrooms are bigger enough to manage more than 50 children in a particular classroom.

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The children were relieved from taking long routes in order to access the public transport.

Self Reliance

A mode of transport exclusively for the students and staff of Mahesh Foundation.


The Vans are punctual to pick and drop thus the Beneficiaries are not Dependant on other means of transport.

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CSR Report of Indo-Schottle Pvt. Ltd. in PDF Format
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