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About Goonj

Goonj is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Delhi, India which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 23 states across India. Goonj focuses on clothing as a basic but unaddressed need. It also runs infrastructure and local development projects in villages and slum areas.

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Our Challenges

Every child has the right to get education. But some children from marginalised communities such as HIV-positive and slum remained out of mainstream society and unable to get education. To bring these children to mainstream society and provide them free education, Mahesh Foundation started Utkasha Learning Center in 2018. The school aims to provide skill based education. But in its earlier days, the school was in need of financial support and guidance.

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Our Solution

Goonj is associated with Mahesh Foundation for past 6 years and has been supporting the less privileged children to get education. Goonj is located in Delhi and partnered with Mahesh Foundation to implement its programs and benefit the needy children in the Belagavi district. We are working thoroughly helped many children to get access to education.

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